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Mars Raiders is a live, interactive theatrical space game that invites you to call into a Mars mission, unlock clues and determine the astronaut’s fate. INASA (InterNational Air and Space Association – a UK/US/EU collaboration) has invited you, a member of the general public, to a Q&A with astronaut Jamie Val who is on a return mission with a precious enzyme sample from Mars. In the year 2030, INASA has been all over the news for the discovery of this miraculous enzyme found in a Martian soil sample. The enzyme has the ability to dissolve plastics and potentially fix Earth’s plastic waste issue. The Q&A with Jamie starts as a normal PR stunt until the ship is inexplicably cut off from INASA communications. The engines stop. Jamie begins to float dangerously close to an oppositional satellite and the threatening messages start rolling in. Unable to connect with home base, Jamie is dependent on the people who have tuned in to help them get home safely with the precious enzyme. They face off with space-pirates, international militant space competitors, and corruption from the Blue Orizon corporation. Jamie’s future and the fate of this mission are entirely in your hands.

Mars Raiders includes topics such as:  military threats, blackmail, threats of violence, corporate control/corruption, planetary health issues, space junk, space travel, international tensions, secret intelligence, satellites, simulated artificial intelligence, loud noises, and space pirates

Available for booking

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