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Hello? Is this thing working? 💥💥I’m really not sure how this works. 🧚🔮🖍️ I wanted to invite you to a game? A theatre??? Well, honestly, I need your help. I can’t find my way back to my realm because my name-magic has been stolen by one known as “the name breaker”. It may sound strange to you humans but names have great power. I need to pull together your collective understanding of names to help gather the power needed to save me.

*Another Name has been developed as part of Theatre Deli's XL Residency Programme

Run time aprox 1 hr

Content info

Content Information:

Another Name has a main character whose name has been stolen. Their experience draws parallels to those who might experience being denied their true name. It particularly alludes to a trans* experience of finding and claiming a true name.

This experience invoices writing and drawing symbols.

There is reference to other dimensions, witchery and jealousy.

Zoom Version:

Participants will be given prompts to share their knowledge and experience with names. This will be in pairs, small groups and as a collective. All participation is optional.

In-Person Version:

The in person version will invite participants to move around the room throughout the experience. There will be tables and chairs in the space.

COVID Safety:
All participants must be two weeks post second dose of the COVID 19 vaccination

All participants should have a negative lateral flow test on the day of the event

All participants must wear a mask over their nose and mouth throughout the entire experience
While some activities will have participants in groups but you will be able to maintain 2 meters distance

There will be some contact with paper and pens. Sanitisers will be available throughout.

*For anyone who is not able to comply with the above or who has health concerns we highly recommend joining the remote, Zoom experience. 

Share story

Share Your Story:

Another Name is a hybrid live and digital theatrical game. Inspired by the lead creative’s journey to find a gender affirming name, Another Name explores the etymology of names, what a name can mean to an individual, how they shape societies perception of us and our perception of ourselves. And ultimately how a change in name can affect a person. 

For us, another-name is the name the world might try to call you. It doesn’t mean it’s yours. It’s just another name.

Be a part of the project!

As part of creating this project we want to collective understanding of what names mean to us. We would love to learn the story of your name and your relationship to it.

   We want to hear ALL KINDS of name stories from all kinds of people!

We want to hear about the name you use, the name that feels true to you; whether or not that was the name you were assigned at birth. 
You will have the option to remain anonymous or have the story attributed to you by name.

There are a few different way to share your story.
You can use this questionnaire to write/record your story.

or schedule a phone or video

or schedule a

*In-person interviews will take place at Theatre Deli in London. Travel reimbursement is available upon request.

Thank you for being interested in sharing your story.

We can't make this project without you!

The Team:

Creative team

Creator / Director:

Arlo Howard (They/Them/Theirs) is a non-binary creator working at the intersection of theatre and games. Their work focuses on creating positive change and learning through playful theatrical experiences and games. Arlo has directed and created immersive and interactive theatre in five countries and is the former Artistic Director of Chicago based (re)discover theatre. Their work includes full building immersive take overs, intimate one-on-one experiences, and board games. Arlo has trained with Punchdrunk, Third Rail Projects and worked with interactive companies such as Coney, ZU-UK, and Blast Theory.


Writer / Co-Creator:

Julian "Joolz" Stroop (They/Them) Ah, stranger, quick, come in from the cold… have you met Joolz? Joolz makes art. Sometimes Joolz makes other things. Strange, terrible, unspeakable things. You may have seen them in the Passage Theatre’s ALL-ONE! The Dr. Bronner’s Play, in This is a Chair as part of Haven Theater’s Directors Haven, in Masque Macabre with Strawdog Theater Company, or most recently: screaming silently in your own nightmares. When they aren’t polymorphing into other creatures/things, you may find them doodling monsters, writing stories, or playing D&D. If you’re feeling brave, follow them on Instagram @itsjoolz

Designer / Co-Creator:

Dev J. Danzig (They/Them) is a multi-skilled theatre practitioner with a particular focus on site-specific and immersive performance. Their main skills lie in the design, applied arts and management of theatre creation and implementation. Dev’s credits include work with the top immersive theatre companies such as Punchdrunk, Dank Parish, Tom Sawyer Effect, Hidden City, Secret Cinema, and Royal Museums Greenwich. 

Dev trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and is based in London.



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